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The Gatsby and the Blake Spade






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This style is a balmoral with a wave formed facing, the wingtip is clean but with a clover medallion. An excellent style for celebrations or special non formal occasions. Made with contrast from brown museum calf to a dollar suede.

Suede Blue

Clicking and assembly of the uppers. Contrast seam on the uppers is used and matching piping.

Here we see the hand lasted pair and before and after the Blake stitching. The heel is seamless and break medial aligned with the instep. Here we see the outcome of the medallion, inspired by the card clover.

The sole is printed with grid on the sole and the toe taps are cut and assembled.


Here are some images after finished production followed by the photoshoot. 


The style is available, see link below, the leather combinations and sole option is of course optional with our MTO offer. Customize and comment what’s your preferred setup.

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