Who we are

We are shoe fanatics with an obsession with spade sole shoes and vintage shoes from the era of masculine fashion in the United States.  We have a love of the attention to detail in design and craftsmanship lost in history. Stationed in Sweden, far away from the streets of the states we have relied on the limited supply of second hand vintage shoes from Ebay. With difficulty we have gotten hands on a few pieces of art that we can look to inspiration.

And while modern bespokers and shoe makers get inspiration from this fabulous design era, a genuine spade sole is a nearly impossible to find available anymore. And the supply on second hand market today are so limited and the price for a used or NOS(New old stock) are so ridiculous we can no longer rely on second hand vintage shoes. 

Who we are

Our goal with this project was to make the spade sole readily avaiable again to the public. We wanted to get the same high quality craftmanship as you found on the old spades but with a modern touch. All made with new, high quality materials and manufacturing techniques but retaining the old design and attention to detail.

The great question was, what manufacturing techniques will we use, Blake, Goodyear or Handwelt? This triggered us into searching for the right competence and found it was quite difficult to find what we were seeking. In the end we decided initially to start with the handwelted option, as it requires less commercial risk. And we found a small workshop that was able to help us with the journey from prototype to a genuine quality shoe. Due to the costly fashion of handwelted shoes this makes prices quite high, and our goal is to have a spade sole shoe option with blake or goodyear in the future. This way everybody with the tragic and costly hobby of quality shoes will be able to afford such unnecessary thing as a spade sole shoe.

We also wanted to make the opportunity of customisation for the customers, this way you get to interact with the design and make an individual approach to the design. Usually this is done with bespokers through reference images or sample shoes. So we wanted to make a modern approach and are now developing the customisation tool for you to make you individual design.  So for now, if you want a customised shoe we have to rely on you specification through images or references.


“The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases.” – Carl Jung
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