The individualist


Choosing a Style

To start the journey of your own individualist shoes, you choose a base design made available in our shop. These base designs are the more common models and typical design found in the era of spade sole.


If you wish a fully customized pattern this is of course optional for a nominal fee.

Choosing the leather

We offer some of the finest upper leathers from Italy’s tannery Ilcea. The leather for each component can be adjusted, mixed or changed to your own preferances and wish. 

Customizing the sole

We offer a high degree of customization to the sole with our individualist program. Here you design the sole and its major components. Multiple sole styles from sleek spade sole to more heavy spades with differant thicknesses, we also offer conventional soles. You can request a fiddleback waist, a more luxorius and a popular craftmanship compared to the bevelled waist. 

Choosing size

We have a wide sizing variety  , MTO uses standard lasts and sizes, for Bespoke please find more info here.  If you are unsure of the size we offer the option of try on shoes or you can measure your foot with our feet measurements and allow us suggest a proper size. 

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