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Our offer is currently made to order (MTO), this means you can customize to your individual desires and preferences. Each pair can potentially be unique to you and reflect your personality. With 23 different leather options you can technically produce 6.5 million different combinations for a typical shoe. Though not all will be suitable of course.
Thus, we created the online customization platform, available for some styles. This means you can visualize the design before you purchase it, traditional craftmanship dressed in a modern customer journey.


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We are true believers that the sole of the shoes is like the shoes to the suit, it tells a lot about the character of the wearer. And thus, it must not only be kept in good condition and maintained, but it must also be design in such a way it enhances the esthetics of the shoes.
We put a lot of emphasis on the soles, and supply a variety of different configurations, from the conventional tight and elegant hand welted sole to the extravagant spade in all its different styles and of course robust 360-degree welt. This means your personality can be expressed by the sole and worn proudly.


Spade soles

649 $

This classical spade sole is a very early 50s style, with its wide welt and double seam. Often done in a double sole to emphasize masculinity and Heavy construction. Suits wider lasts and extravagant designs.

  • Handwelted
  • Double seam
  • Beveled or Fiddleback waist
  • 270-degree welt
  • SPI 8-10


599 $

This more elegant spade was more common and an typical in the 30s-50s, with its more narrow welt and single seam it possess a more elegant configuration.  Suits narrow lasts and elegant designs.

  • Handwelted
  • Single seam
  • Beveled or Fiddleback waist
  • 180-degree welt
  • SPI 8-10


649 $

This more complex spade was more common in the 30s but stayed popular into the 50s, with its rounded edge its more balanced. The welt is wide and with double seam.  Suits both narrow and wide lasts and unique designs.

  • Handwelted
  • Double seam
  • Beveled or Fiddleback waist
  • 270-degree welt
  • SPI 8-10


349 $

For the one that desires champagne but with the wallet for beer. This hand grade blake construction provides thicker and more reliable sole with narrow waist and a narrow spade sole. Perfect for discretion but love of the historical style


Conventional soles
549 $

This style is elegance and perfection for a balanced look. With a very tight welt and beveled waist it shows craftmanship together with discretion. This is a modern style sole with fantastic quality.

  • Handwelted
  • Singe seam
  • Beveled or Fiddleback waist
  • 270-degree welt
  • SPI 8-10


360 welt
599 $

This heavy construction that radiates robustness is welted around the shoe, 360 degrees. Typical blucher design that has lived through history in many brands.

  • Handwelted
  • Single seam
  • Beveled  waist
  • 360 degree welt
  • SPI 8-10


349 $

For the one that desires champagne but with the wallet for beer. This handgrade blake construction provides thicker and more reliable sole with narrow waist and a conventional sole. Perfect for lightweight and quality for a good price

Sole options

Welt seam color

Waist color

Sole thickness

Heel style

Welt color

Fiddleback waist

Bevelled waist

Rubber sole

Metal toe taps

Welt color

Upper Leathers

The upper leathers are chosen for each component, of course are the components different for each style. For the style example above, the Chevalier uses the following components, the leather of which can be customized individually.

Cap toe





The piping is a optional feature of a thicker round leather piece that is placed on the edge of the mouth, this can be colored with dye to your pleasing.

This design feature have been around for some time and have been known to create contrast and extravagance to styles. Today it have been picked up by some fashion brands as well as bespokers around the world.

Upper seam

The color of the upper seam is normally made to match the color of the leather. However, during the 30s up to the 50s, especially, the use of seams with contrasting colors were indeed very popular. Often white, light or This contrast seam option allows to put focus on the design features that you wish to highlight on your individual design.

Inner soles

The inner sole does provide some options of personal preferance. Commonly in Europe it is preferred to have a leather inner sole. The color can be modified to your preferances.

For those who desire comfort and cushning soles we offer a Cushing system with sponge and leather combination sole. This gives you the best of two worlds, well constructed shoes and cushoning and softer wear.




Cotton laces
Sheep leather laces
Additional cushoning inner sole
Special wooden shoe box
Matching leather belt

You are free to choose any of the available lasts when we offer a made to order. The customizer is currently not adapted to change the illustration of your configuration to your choice.

The predetermined last is Eagle and this is the form that our online platform is based upon.

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