Eagle last


The eagle last is our tribute to the classical spades of one of the fantastic eras in American shoe manufacturing. It’s made with a rounded toe and inspired by the natural curvature of a beak. This style represents great strength through its wide base and highlights determination and vision through its streamline toe. This versatile last allows for both a conservative noble style design and a more controversial statement.


With a wider toe compartment this last provide a wider fit on the toe box. It generally provides a width compared to wide – E width lasts depending on comparison. It also provides sufficient height in the toe box. With its rounded toe illustrating a beak, it will provide a shorter length compared to more narrow lasts. It also provides proper height for instep and well heel space. The higher arc supports the feeling of a pleasant and perfect fit and provides a support for an all-day wear.

  • Wide fit – EE/E width fit
  •  High instep
  • Shorter length
  • Larger heel space
  • High arc
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